Anti-Racism Action Committee & Strategy

About Anti-Racism Action Committee & Strategy

The External Anti-Racism Action Committee’s responsibilities are to identify and provide recommendations on the following:

  • Assist CPS in identifying systemic racism, barriers, and impacts currently experienced by the community in interactions with the police or in accessing police services and programs.
  • Systemic barriers for accessing the Professional Standards Section citizen complaints process.
  • Opportunities to work with community partners and organizations on actions to address systemic racism on a community-wide level.
  • Training and engagement that will help educate CPS on how it can best serve and interact with the community in a manner that is safe, practical, and anti-racist.  

Committee Members

The Anti-Racism Action Committee is made up of a diverse group of Calgarians with a variety of lived, academic and professional experiences. We received over 200 applications to join the committee and selected those who best met the criteria of:

  • Lived experience of racism and/or professional, academic or cultural expertise in anti-racism related work
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships
  • Strong understanding of a range of human and civil rights issues and the historical origins of systemic racism
  • An openness to supporting people and communities towards meaningful, positive change
  • Preferably personal and/or professional community connections that can inform the committee’s work

An internal Anti-Racism Action Committee has also been established, representing all officer ranks and a variety of civilian expertise from across the Service. The internal committee  contributed to the development of the Anti-Racism Strategy.

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