Race-Based Data Collection

About Race-Based Data Collection

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) is committed to the collection and reporting of race-based data as an important step to addressing systemic racism and creating a more equitable approach to policing and community safety. The CPS also commits to engagement to ensure there is more understanding and transparency on what data is collected, how it is collected, what is analyzed and how it is reported. The collection and reporting of race-based data will be key to:

Fostering Relationships & Building Trust

Creating Awareness & Understanding

Informing Strategic Direction & Decision Making

Establishing Transparency & Accountability

Historically, the collection of race-based data for use in social system administration (whether it was for healthcare, education, or justice) was considered to be contrary to protected grounds. However, recent world events calling for equity, diversity, and inclusion have shown that progress has been hindered by the lack of data.

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