School Resource Officer Program Review

About School Resource Officer Program Review

Calgary launched its School Resource Officer program in 1976. Officers were placed in schools to help with early intervention, mentorship and education. The officers are part of our Youth Education Unit and their main purpose is to build positive relationships with students. 

School Resource Officers also build relationships with staff, parents and administrators by being in the schools regularly. These relationships allow officers to be a resource to the adults in schools when advice or help is needed.

School Resource Officers work with teachers to deliver presentations, as requested, about such topics as bullying, sexual consent and drug awareness.  In the 2022-23 school year, officers also ran more than 700 school lock down drills to help ensureteachers and students know how to safely respond to threats in andnear their school. 

In the past, there has been a lack of evaluation data on the effectiveness of the SRO program in achieving positive out comes for all students. A comprehensive, independent review of the program was needed to evaluate the program and apply an anti-racism equity lens, incorporating data collected by engaging school boards, teachers, and students, among others.

Our Progress

This review occurred between 2021 and 2023 and included:

Engagement was completed in two phases:

Full Report

The review represents two-and-a-half years of engagement with 2,898 participants from the school community, captured in reports developed by our community partners. Each report can be downloaded below.

Phase One

School Resource Officer (SRO) Program Evaluation: Final Report for the Calgary Police Service (Argyle)
Format: online surveys, virtual face-to-face conversations, email feedback
Participants (1,904 total):  

Phase Two

Police Engaging Youth in Schools: Elementary Student Engagement – What We Heard Report (Engage Resource Unit, The City of Calgary) 
Format: in person, focused on Racialized students in grades 5 and 6
Participants (115 total):

Insights and Experiences from Junior and Senior High School Students Regarding the SRO Program (ActionDignity)
Format: small focus groups with in-depth interviews (online and in person), focused on Racialized, 2SLGTBQ+, and students with disabilities
Participants (225 total):

Police Engaging Youth in Schools: Teacher Engagement – What We Heard Report (Engage Resource Unit, The City of Calgary)
Format: private online survey
Participants (551 total):

Police Engaging Youth in Schools: Roundtable– What We Heard Report (Engage Resource Unit, The City of Calgary)
Format: roundtable sessions held in June 2023
Participants (103 total):

Final overall report

Police Engaging Youth in Schools: Reimagining the School Resource Officer Program at Calgary Police Service.

Next step

‍he CPS has formedthe SRO Reimagination Working Group to discuss feasibility of the recommendationsand create a plan for implementation and is working on developing an externalSRO Reimagination Advisory Board, which will allow for advice from parents,students and school staff.

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