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Budget & Priorities

Our total budget is set by Calgary City Council and how we spend it is approved by the Calgary Police Commission. We set our priorities based on what we hear from Calgarians and the crime trends (PDF) we see as posing a risk to the public.

Our overall budget and priorities are outlined in The City of Calgary’s 2019-2022 One Calgary Service Plan and Budget, and our Service Action Plan outlines how we are going to meet those priorities.

Quarterly Service Plan Accountabilty Reports

These quarterly reports show our progress towards the goals set for us by City Council and the Calgary Police Commission:

Budget Information Report

We appreciate that the Calgary Police Service budget is largely funded through the taxes paid by hard-working Calgarians. The responsibility to ensure we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible is not one that we take lightly. This report from the Calgary Police Commission and the Calgary Police Service (PDF) is part of our commitment to be as transparent as possible with the funds we are provided through the City of Calgary and other government grants and fine revenue.  

Executive Leadership Expense Reports

As part of our commitment to be an open, transparent and accountable organization, we release these reports twice per year in the spring and fall. They include line item details, including business travel, meals and hosting, and employee recognition for the Chief of Police and the four Deputy Chiefs.


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Budget and Priorities




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